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Corner Movers

Use 4 corner mover dollies to cradle a load at the corners. These moving dollies accomodate a wide range of load sizes. With the low profile loading platform the load is kept close to the ground which reduces the effort to place the moving dollies underneath the load. No need to lift up the load very high.
Additional Category Info
MD - Corner Mover Main

Corner Movers - (Set of 4) - Set Capacity 1,320 lbs - (#S)

Place one corner dolly under each corner of a rectangular shaped load to turn the cargo into a rolling cart. 360 degree rotating wheels. Platform is outfitted with anti-slip foam surface to securely cradle and hold load. Each dolly has a steel frame and is equipped with 3 wheels. Sold in a set of 4 dollies.

Set Capacity (lbs) Set Weight Usually Ships Within Quantity
1320 20 Same Day Set of 4

Model: MD0194